I was wondering if anyone with either of these problems could tell me if I possibly have one.

First, I have had my gallbladder removed and have just been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I am on a small dose of a beta-blocker. That's my med history. I also think I have some degree of heat uticaria (itchy red marks after hot shower, not to the point of hives).

My hands and feet have always been pretty cold, even at silly times (like sunny summer days). Last year I noticed a few times driving to work on cold mornings, one of my fingertips would go white and freezing cold, and was very hard to warm back up. When I did warm it, it was a little red and slightly throbbing like It'd been in the snow and then under hot water. Not always the same fingertip.

If I walk around home with no socks on the cold lino/tile floor my feet can get very cold, white, and somewhat numb. It takes a while to warm them up in front of the fire, and the same thing happens with my fingertip, they look red and feel a little bit throbby/strange.

My father has always said he has bad circulation. Not sure about my mother.

Is bad circulation an actual condition? Or could I simply have small attacks of Raynaud's when I let extremities get too cold?

Thanks in advance.