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I lost my virginity the other day and am really worried I cant tell my parents as I’m underage, we used a condom but now I’m worried is it right to be worried after you have sex for the first time. I bled the for a day and a half after I had sex and I had stomach pains almost instantly after; I think I may pregnant I know I am probably not but I cannot help feeling as if I am. What should I do? Please help because I am losing sleep over this and I am always thinking about it so distracts me from my schoolwork please help.


it is understandable that you are worried.

the problem is that having sex isnt really a hobby or pastime
but it is easy to treat it as such.

but then you wake up to the reality that you can get pregnant, and all the complications that brings.

a safer way to enjoy sexual relations with your bf is to let him suck your nipples and play with your clitoris for about 20 mins.
this stimulation will bring you to your climax, and you will orgasm for him while he is stimulating you.

he will enjoy watching as you orgasm, and you will get a release from the sexual tension building up in your body.
when you calm down , you can give him his release that he will need. that way you will get sexual satifaction from reaching your orgasm, and you wont have to worry about getting pregnant.


You're not pregnant and your stomach only hurts cause you think you're pregnant or you had rough sex. You used a condom which is good. Just make sure you continue to use it correctly. I highly suggest that you get on Birthcontrol. I think your parents might understand that you are becoming sexually active and they might prefer you to be on that than risk you showing up pregnant one day.

But stop worrying it's really unlikely that you are pregnant.