At the beginning of secondary school I would have stomach/bum rumbles however it was not that frequent. It would usually only happen in my science class but I didn't think much of it. However, ever since I have started year 11, I have them almost every day in the lessons I expect them to happen in. I can almost sense when they are going to happen. I've noticed that in the subjects I enjoy, I hardly ever get these noises, however, that is also due to the fact that there is usually a lot of noise in the class. When I am distracted or involved in a discussion, they are almost non existent which makes me wonder if it is all in the mind. Also at home, the noises happen but not to the extent where they are extremely loud and quite painful. I have been tested for ibs, celiac disease, h pylori and some other things and they all came back negative. I have noticed that as soon as I step into a classroom, the noises will go mad. Especially if it is a quiet room. Unfortunately my exams are coming up and I will have to sit in silence which is usually when the noises are most noticeable. I assumed this would have something to do with my bowels or social anxiety. Maybe even a gas overbuild up? When I relieve my bowels, it does help the noises go away but it is only temporary. I also have the need to relieve them during lessons which makes the noises go louder, but I think that when I am very involved in the work, my mind somehow goes off it and the noises stop. Although I don't know if it is in my mind as it seems to be related to my bowels. I would like to diagnose this as it is stopping me from wanting to go to school. Also, is there a medication which I could take to help? What do you think this could be? Thanks.