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A few months ago, for about 3 times in a row, I noticed blood after wiping. It was never a large amount, I'd say maybe a dime size amount (all together). I started upping my water intake and purchased stool softeners and it stopped. My last two bowel movements I've experienced blood again. The first time was a little more than the ones a few months earlier. The second one wasn't as much blood. I noticed some blood on somewhat of the last bit of stool but the stool is not dark or foul smelling. There is no pain before, during, or after. And the blood is not black or anything. Should I see a doctor? I'm really afraid seems so embarrassing/uncomfortable. I'm a 20 year old female if that helps.


You should absolutely see a doctor, and here's why: if you're afraid to do so because it's embarassing or uncomfortable, what are the chances you'll deny yourself the best attention when another embarassing or uncomfortable situation comes along, like - say - pregnancy?

It's good practice.

Not to mention sensible any time you get bleeding, pain, or other 'this ain't normal' symptoms.