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For a few days now ive been having lower back pain. Urinating alot (5-6) times a day. Mostly when I drink something it seems it go's right threw me. Also, When I pushed down on my stomach It sounded like liquid or something in it. Please Help!!


Hei there!

Most likely you just have been drinking more lately and it shows your kidneys are working. Trust me, peeing 6-10 times per day is normal. The more you drink, the more you pee.

Do you train? Is it painful more towards the bum or more where the kidneys are? Perhaps you have got cold a bit and your kidneys need some time to recover. Keep your torso warm and/or take awarm batch. Does it hurt to pee?


If you just stretched wrong and developed lower back pain, then its an injury and you can do specifit exercises or few massage sessions to get over it faster.