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I've had a pain in my lower left abdomin area close to my left hipbone from about where (I guess) my left ovary is to a bit above my hipbone. It's not constant but if I massage the area, after I stop I get a twinge of pain. I have no idea what it could be, my mom suggested it might be just a pulled muscle, as I've been doing crunches and such to tighten my abs (but I've been doing those for months and this only just occured about a week ago). She also suggested it might just be PMS, and I've gotten pain in my ovary area while PMSing... but not like this before.

The other thing that worries me is that my period is late... and it's always either 3 days early or 3 days late at the most. Granted I have been somewhat stressed lately but I don't think it's been enough to cause a delay in my period.

There's no way I could be pregnant... because... I'm a virgin.

I'm 16 and in pretty good health, and am very conciencious about my diet, I've also been a vegetarian for about 5 months now.

Thanks in advance if anyone gives me any advice on this.


Does the left pain only hurt when you are moving around. How long have you been working out. Did you just start working out. The reason i ask is cause a change in excercise can change when a womans period comes and i can let you know what the left pain is coming from. Also every body takes stress differently so it could be that. Another thing could be the sit ups. When you do sit ups it tightens the muscels inside and out causeing stress. All these changes can cause a period to be late. If your period is late more then month then go see the doctor and he or she will explain. OH AND IF YOU GO ANY SOONER THEN A MONTH THEY WILL SEND YOU HOME AND ASK YOU TO COME BACK IN A MONTH. Dont worry its completely normal to have a late period every now and then. The last thing i can think of is cramps without a period because the muscels are contracting. This could also be the pain on the left that could be hurting you.