I have been experiencing pain in the pelvic area during intercourse. This occurs more intensely in specific positions. It hurts so bad that I end up having to stop. I also experience a constant, dull aching, almost cramp like feeling, from the lower left side of my pelvic area at all times. I have been to my ob/gyn for tests. When he examined me, he touched my left ovary from the inside and it was the same pain I have been feeling during sex. They then did a two-part ultrasound to see if they could find anything. My results came back that my uterus is normal in size. My ovaries were normal and there were no obvious explanations for the pain. My doctor seemed to think that if I just wait it out, the pain will go away. However, I've had this pain for 5 months now.

Basically, I am just looking to see if anyone else has a professional opinion about my situation. I was thinking I probably had an ovarian cyst, but when my ultrasound came back normal, I was baffled. I would like to thank anyone in advance for the help/advice you may be able to provide!