Hello, a few months ago I had a hard largeish lump in pretty much the middle of my ear lobe, I tried to squeeze it as I though it was a pimple but only a clear fluid thing came out and made the damn thing bigger %-)

So I went to my GP and he said it, like an ingrowing zit or somthing and that he'd have to surgically remove it. I left it because I didn't see the big fuss, if its just a pimle it will subside soon, and it kinda did. I was hoping it would get a head thing so I could pop-it but none of them get heads %-)
And incase your wondering, no I have never tryied to have my ears peirced.

At the moment I've got a few in each earlobe, they don't hurt unless its new and hella big but over the past 2 days another big painfull one came up. (I think it might have somthing to do with the fact I wear headphones alot) anyway what do you think I should do about them, just leave them be untill pain subsides, or surgically remove them (won't have an ear left :-) )? Any other suggestions?