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I get a tight, burning sensation in my lower left chest below the heart that is only eased by burping. It seems to be where my stomach is. At first I thought it was heartburn/acid reflux but none of the natural home remedies worked. I can feel a slight lump where my stomach is when I run my hands over my left chest, and even after 8 hours of sleeping. There is definitely a difference from the right side of my chest.

I've tried almonds, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, milk and bananas. I also took Pepto Bismol (tablets, waited 20-30 minutes) but it didn't help.

The thing is, when I burp, it makes me feel better. I feel less pressure in my stomach. Maybe I don't have heartburn? ... I'm pretty sure I either have heart burn, acid reflux or GERD, or something that's to do with food.

It's not super painful but it is annoying especially when you are high and you can't stop thinking about it. I use a vaporizer. I'm very healthy, exercise daily, eat well. So I'm out of solutions, apart from vape less. I vape 3/4 times a day. Still doesn't solve my lump.

Anyone had the same thing or is the lump natural due to the stomach and its unrelated to my issue?


Nobody experiences this?