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Hi, I'm a thirty year old and I recently have a tubal reversal surgery done in January o6. My husband and I have been tyring for a baby so along with taking test's and stuff I watch for all of the signs of pregnancy. I noticed a white bump on my left brest and it does hurt and itch! Can you help? Is it anything to worry about or is it normal? Pregnancy test was neg.


The description of the bump sounds like common sebaceous glands that are present everywhere under the skin. These glands secrete oily substance called sebum on the skin surface and it serves to lubricate the skin. When some of the ducts that carry sebum on the surface get blocked, sebum might accumulate and form a cyst-like formation. Then we get these visible white looking cysts.

When they get inflamed ( bacterial infection), they may hurt and itch, so I would suggest you saw a doc and have this checked out. It is always wise to see a doctor about any lumps and bumps and you may need antibiotic treatment if these turn out to be inflamed sebaceous cysts.