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Hello! I was diagnosed of lupus a few month ago. I am well aware that a diet is necessery, but why us it so impotrent to awoid sugar? I am a sugar addict and it's really diificult for me to stop eating sweets copletely.


I am not going to tell you anything you haven’t heard already. You have new habits to accustom to if you want to have a quality life, you need to build a new life style.
The first step is to make that clear to yourself in your mind. Once you have accepted it, things will be easier.
If you go around crying about it, you will never be satisfied and will live in misery all the time.

As far as I know, there aren’t any special dietary restrictions for lupus. It is true that low fat, sugar and salt is advised but I haven’t heard that totally eliminating sugar is a must.
However, that may be the case for your individual case.
Low fat, sugar and salt is needed because some LUPUS drugs are known to increase BP, blood sugar levels and serum cholesterol.

Less caloric diet is certainly advised in order to prolong your life and reduce the risks of developing heart disease.