Hi! I'm a female in relatively good physical condition. I have been smoking pot for two years now, and about a couple months ago I started to experience really weird stuff. At first, my heart rate just increased. But it would get so intense, and hurt my chest and it was just this crazy pain that would basically surge through my body. This would start to happen every time I smoked pot. Which sucks right?? Because I used to love smoking, it was a great way to relax! AND THEN, the heart stuff kept getting worse and then I started to pass out. Everything would go white, and I would just fall and pass out for a couple seconds. I know this doesn't sound extreme, but it's pretty annoying. What's wrong with me? Does this happen to anyone else?I also have recently developed anxiety. Maybe smoking pot triggers my anxiety? I don't know, I'm just trying to figure out why this happens when it never did before!