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Not sure if anyone out there can answer this. I just found this site ! i will be moving to Medicare coverage at the end of this year, due to disability. I have a Medtronic implanted infusion pump to deliver dilaudid 24/7. All my research indicates Medicare Part B covers the drugs to refill pump, as they are refilled by physician in his office. With additonal research indicating drugs are covered for inplanted infusion pumps.

Does anyone else out there have experience with this and can confirm. I will be talking to my doctor next week, but am feeling anxious over the overwhelming Medicare looming and would like to know if anyone else has experience with this and can confirm these drugs are covered.

Thank you in advance... !


So just to make sure that I'm clear that what you are asking, you are concerned that your medication will be covered? I unfortunately do not have any experience in dealing with Medicare but I do know that some people have had some difficulty in dealing with it. I understand your concern, but the best answer will come from your doctor and not anyone here. Please put your mind at ease--one way or the other, you will be able to get treatment. Please keep us posted on what your doctor says.