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I am 50 and still get regular periods, no sign of any change, I feel like I did at 20, why is this?


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I wouldn’t make a problem where it didn’t exist. The average age for menopause is actually 52. If I could post pone menopausal symptoms I would do it in a minute.

Why are you concerned about not going menopausal or you heard that women who start menopause later are more prone to uterine cancer due to prolonged estrogen exposure. This may be the case if your menopause was delayed but in my opinion it is not.

My friend is 52 and is still taking birth control pills and has regular sex with no problems at all.

Menopause may come later in life if this runs in your family or if you are obese. You can always have your hormonal levels checked like estrogen and FSH (follicule stimukating hormone, which is high when estrogen is low----in perimenopause and menopause)