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I didnt feel good in my skin anymore. I felt inadequate and one in my family believed me when I would tell-them I think i have adhd. I was so hyper, disruptive and impulsive and all the way to adulthood I have no friends exept one. I kept taking benzos or anything i could find to caml me down. just enough for me to get to next class and on time..then i got addicted to the pills and voila the methadone. I am now at 12 mg and today is DAY13 methadone free. I do not want to replace it with any-other drug.. i suffered alot and my life is waiting ")

It is possible to detox but extremely difficult if you dont have the right support.  my dr perscribed muslce relaxants, naprosyne and a hypnotic sleeping pill and an antidepressants.

good luck to you all 



I haven't detoxed by anything hard but my fiancee has detoxed from opiates as well. And the right kind of support is huge. But also just having the strength inside yourself can get you by! I was there for most of my fiancee's detox and was very encouraging but its his inner strength that is keeping him clean. Maybe his method can work for you, he learned in meetings to only stay sober for today. So every morning you just look at getting through today. But he also doesn't say, "in never touching drugs again, I know I wont relapse" he may not sound like he is confident in himself to stay clean, but he's not going to promise anything to himself cause its just kind if stressful. But he also had many friends relapse after making that promise to themselves and their loved ones. So please, just stay clean for today. Don't worry about tomorrow. You can give yourself the inner strength to get through anything....there's also many websites, like this one, that you can find people who will support you. Good luck Melody! And congratulations on your 11th day!!! :-)