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hi.. my daughter who is 15 fell over and after 4 weeks of incredible pain was diagnosed with a lisfranc injury. Much to her discust she needed surgery.which she had 2 weeks ago. she was told she would be non weight bearing for 6-12 weeks.

she has subfluxing shoulders due to extreem hypomobility in her joints. doctors agree that she could not possible be on crutches as this would agrivate the shoulders immensly. so consequently she is in a wheelchair, which she hates and i am exhausted pushing her around.
she is very concerned about the surgery (in six months) to remove the screw, she just has one inserted, and is hoping that she will not have to be non weight bearing after this.
do the screws set off the alarms at the airport?



If I understand this right your daughter is not having the surgery for 6 months and you have to push her in a wheel chair until then?

If she has not had the surgery she will be non-weight baring for at least 8 weeks. Even after that it will be light walking in a "walking boot". It will be very important that she follows the doctors instructions to the letter. If she bares weight on it too soon she could ruin the bone setting and have to have additional surgeries.

The screws will not set off any dectors in the airport.