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I would like to know if anyone has had a successful parathyroid operation in NJ and if they would recommend their doctor. I have asked several ENT surgeons how many operations that they have performed and the most is 12 in one year. I heard that a surgeon who is a specialist would perform at least 50 in a year, and if they don't you should run from their office.


DNJ - I can't help with a doctor in NJ but you really do want a surgeon with lots of parathyroid experience. Doing 50 in a year would mean that he is doing the surgery pretty much on a weekly basis and I think that is a minimum requirement. I sugggest looking for someone who does the minimally invasive procedure and if the adenoma isn't visible on the scan, I would want someone who will use the radio guided technique instead of hunting around.

You might also consider what other types of surgeries the doctor does. I would prefer someone who does neck tumors and related surgeries rather than appendectomies and general surgeries.

I recently had parathyroid surgery and I think it is very important to have confidence in your surgeon. Ask lots of questions as you check them out. I wish you well. mass