I have a little problem where I get sore under my tongue, around the salivary gland area. It often last a week, and it feels like my tongue is burning in a way. I get these white tiny spots under my tongue, and I know it's not a canker sore. I can remove them with a toothpick. Actually, I'm not sure if it's white spots appearing, or if it's the skin of the tongue that get loose. Because after I remove them, I see small scars. These are gone the day after. It also feels like I can't get the tongue to reach as long as I do when it's normal, because when it's normal I can get my tongue all way back to my teeth, but when I'm having this problem, it's not always I manage to do that.

Now, here's some very weird information. I'm currently studying, and have moved out from my home, into a new apartment. This is in another city. I did this last summer. Now, these problems I have with my tongue started in the summer, around late July. It lasted a week (it does it everytime), and some days after it went away, I moved to a new city where I currently study. TWO months with not problems. Then I went home on a little vacation, for ten days. Two days after I arrived, same problems with my tongue. It lasts a week this time as well. Got back to my apartment, no problems for a month. Christmas holidays, back home with my parents. It took three days until my problems started again, this time also lasting a week. After christmas I started at school again, moved to my apartment, and no problems for a month. I'm now sitting back home, with problems with my tongue, and it all started some days after I arrived.

What the heck is going on? I've been at my doctor, but I never get an appointment when I actually have these problems. I only get an appointment when the sore and problems are gone, and my tongue is fine. And the doctor don't know what it is by my explanation. How could he? I'm not an expert, I'm not entirely sure what I have, and how to explain properly ... Also, I started to believe it's something I eat here, and not at my apartment. And I've stopped using certain spices, stopped drinking apple juice here at home, but it's not working.

I'm starting to get depressed, because I don't know what's going on. I'm getting tired being home on vacation to relax, only coming home to pains in my tongue.