Ok, im going to be as clear as I can be. I had a surgical abortion at 14w6d. Yes very late I know. I had my abortion on August 28th and immediately after I bled maybe like a few drops here and there, but soon as I got home it stopped. I read somewhere that medication such as ibuprofen can delay or stop bleeding so I put my then no-longer bleeding off to the pills they gave me before leaving the clinic. The trial of no bleeding after my visit lasted for about 3-4 days. Thats when I read about the medicine possibly delaying the abortion. So of course, I stopped taking the medicine. It's now September 21 and I have yet to take any medicine. But backing up a couple weeks, after the 3-4 day period of no bleeding I then start to spot here and there... I passed normal sized clots and experience the extreme cramping due to my uterus shrinking back to normal. After about 1.5wks of that, the bleeding stopped again. Spotting and all but every now and then when wiping there will be maybe some light pink or light brown discharge on tissue. For the past 3-4 days I've started back bleeding heavy like period like and cramping. It's menstrual like cramping, bearable, like even to this second im feeling some cramping. I know it isnt another pregnancy because I have not had sex since the abortion of course due to the bleeding. But my question is, is this my period now on or am I still "aborting" my pregnancy??. How can I tell the difference between the abortion bleeding and my menstrual cycle??? PLEASE HELP!