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Hello, i have missed my last two periods and have been experiencing clear vaginal discharge nearly every day. my boyfriend and i have had dry sex but we were both always wearing atleast shorts and underwear... but most of the time jeans... the weather hasn't been stable here one day 70 the next day its snowing, but i dont think that would cause me to miss two straight periods... please help me with what this may mean... i dont think he could ejeculate through his boxers our thick basketball shorts and my panties... and still fertalize me... PLEASE HELP fast... i'm awfully scared


Dry sex with clothes on can't result in a pregnancy. If the male ejaculates in his clothes, then there is no way for the sperm to get through his clothes and into the female's vagina. This form of dry sex also carries no or very low risk for sharing STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).

If there are no clothes on, however, and semen comes in contact with the opening of the vagina, then YES a PREGNANCY IS POSSIBLE. This form of dry sex carried a high risk for many STDs.

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