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Good day guys.

I was talking with my friend today. She needs my help, but I can’t help her because I don’t know that much about her problem. Well, to cut long story short, she told me that her cat has hard stool for a while.She was visiting the vet about this issue, but it seems to me that he couldn’t help her a lot.


I want to know are there any good stool softeners for hard stool in cats? If you have something that is totally natural, she would be happy. I really want to tell her some remedies, so if you have anything to share with me, please, let me know :) Tnx a lot!




Finally, a great question for me :) I had this problem with my cats, and I have cats since forever:)


I am using lactulose always when my cat has this problem, and I am really satisfied with it.


It works within three or four days, and I didn’t see any side – effects in my cats while I was using it.


If this can’t help your cat, I really suggest you to change diet program for her. Certain groceries maybe are not good for her, so you should try wet food maybe?


For example, you can use wet canned food for a few days, until you see some results.


Good luck!



Hello. A surprising number of cats have problems with this. Your cat is not an exception at all.  But, the good thing is that there are really good cures, really good stool softeners for hard stool in cats. For example, you can start with Mirelax. This is how it goes. Start with 1/8 tablespoon twice a day in food. After a few days, you should increase dose up to ¼ tablespoons twice a day. Wait for a few days, and you will see that this really can help your cat. But, if this doesn’t work, you should visit your vet to see some other ways to treat this.



Hey friends.


I had similar situation with my little Hope :) She had really hard stool when I found her, and when she was sick, one of her health issue were hard stool as well :)

Now, I have tried some stool softeners, because some people told me to try it, but I am not satisfied at all :)

You know what was helpful for me?

Balanced diet program and wet canned food :)

Yes, I am not so for canned food, but in seven or eight days, I am not sure, wet food helped my cat to deal with hard stool.

I suggest you to try it :)



Hello everyone.

Thank you, I am willing to tell this to her – maybe she will find it helpful :)

I also did some research as well and I found that Mashua can be really helpful. But, I think that this is also something that she needs to ask her vet as well.

Is it true that this cure or stool softener is approved as natural food additive?


Also, pumpkin is helpful, right?

I was wondering do you put it in the food, and how much per meals?

I will tell this as well, and she should ask the vet about it.