Hi,I wonder if anyone could give me any ideas what might be going on?Firstly I take Omeprazole for reflux esophagitis, and also have a 'very small' hiatus hernia.I'm 23, and was fit and very healthy until probably around 12 months ago, I began being violently sick at least daily (mornings) sometimes throughout the day, and this was acid. I had an endoscopy and was diagnosed as above.Over the past few months, my bowel movements have become extremely 'unusual', as in sometimes I might go daily, others it can be 4 or 5 days, sometimes just before I need to go I will get stomach pain/a burning sensation, sometimes I pass solids, sometimes not so solid, and sometimes extremely watery. Most of the time there is mucus with this, which can be wiped and then ten minutes later I feel the need to wipe again.Everything that I can find online suggests I might be suffering weight loss, quite the opposite, I have gained 45lbs in the last 3 months, which .I have tried 2 weeks dairy free, then 2 gluten free, 2 wheat free, everything, and nothing seems to help.Any thoughts would be appreciated :)