My symptoms are triggered by being within 5 feet of Newport cigarette smokers, even if they are not smoking and by ammonium chloride in various cleaners that have been recently sprayed on surfaces to clean them. Opened permanent markers also trigger the problem but my exposure to them is very limited.

I'm fine in my home except for momentary spells when some type of pollutant (smoker walking by or wood burning stove particulates) gets in on a windy day through my drafty windows.

I don't have a constant problem and I do not cough anything out. Sometimes it feels like I'm swallowing something (mucus) after trying to clear out what's in my throat.  I posted on another thread here that closing my mouth and jutting my chin out as if I had a mouth piece in for sleep apnea, stops the feeling of having to clear my throat.

But.. when I talk, my mouth has to be open and the clearing my throat sensation returns almost to the point of feeling/ sounding like I'm choking.  When I'm out in public, I've had emergency personnel come over to me because it sounds life threatening although I'm sure it's not.  I just have to get away from the airborne irritant or out to fresh air.

  After considerable research, I discovered the phenomenon  of Vocal Chord Dysfunction (VCD), which is treated by speech therapy!

I'm going to a special airways clinic in July to have tests done and hopefully find out for sure what I have.   When I get a diagnosis and solution, I'll post it here.