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Why does my boyfriend get headaches sometimes when he orgasms? We have been sexually active for almost 1.5 years and recently he has been getting occasional headaches when he orgasms. I assumed it was high blood pressure and the positions he is in sometimes or that he is dehydrated, but I checked his BP and he is within normal range as for the dehydration, he drinks plenty of water throughout the day. 


Hi Worried,

Sex headaches are somewhat common.  But, your boyfriend NEEDS to see his doctor for an evaluation and to be VERY upfront with what is going on.

Good luck.



This is common to happen he should see a doctor cause his blood 

pressure might be going too high or it could be dropping dangerously low

it  can be migraine headache happening too but this is common it  could be

mild strokes happening so my advice tell him to seek medical attention 

i knew some girl telling me about getting headache cause she needed to cum

after  she fingered her self and orgasm her headache went away so there such

thing as  sex headaches too.