Hi guys,I have this problem which is my Left ear sticks out more than my right one and the reason being is this lump behind my left one which really bugs me!,its about half the size of a golf ball and I'm not sure how long I've had this lump for because I only recently started to really pick-up on it but I've looked through photos of me as a child and it looks as if my left one always stuck out more than the Right.I spoke to my mother about it and she just thinks its built up fluid and nothing serious,if that is the case how would I go about getting rid of this 'excess fluid' and bring my ear back to its normal shape??,is there a name for this kind of condition??,a swollen lymph nod or something like that and if there is how on earth do you treat and get rid of it???

.P.S. I don't think its cancerous as it doesn't hurt when you touch it and causes no irritation whatsoever