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So I am having some stomach related problems and I am losing weight.  I am not having any other type of problems, but I do have diabetes.  Would anyone know anything about why my stomach is not accepting food like it used to and what could be causing it. I am concerned about my weight loss.  What do you think it could be?


Hello, Guest.  It appears that you are having stomach problems and you are feeling sick all the time without knowing why.  It could be that your blood sugars are not being regulated well at all.  You did not mention anytning about how your blood glucose levels were, and I am concerned whether you are tracking them.  If you do watch them, what do they run generally?  How often to you check them?  Are they higher or lower than normal?  You really need to watch your carbs and take your medication as needed, if you have oral meds or insulin to take.  Your sugars may cause you problems if not regulated.  You can feel nauseous and you won't want to eat.  If you don't eat, you won't be taken in what your body needs.  This causes your cells to starve and causes you to be sick.  You will need to get your blood sugar regulated before we can determine if there are any other causes for your loss of appetite and illness.  You are probably losing weight because of the lack of food. If you are watching your blood glucose levels and they are fine, and you are having these symptoms due to some other factors, you should see a doctor about it.  You need to consume enough food to meet your body's metabolic needs.  If you don't, you could go into diabetic ketosis and possibly into a coma. 

Are there any other diabetics that have had the symptoms described?