My family is trying to get me to move into Assisted Living. I lived on my own from age 22 to age 27, before my Bi-polar depression, and my Schizophrenia (which isnt that bad) became more severe and i could no longer find gainful employment. Since i moved in (and i do have an income so im not living here for free) my mother has mentioned, or otherwise brought up the idea of my moving into thr Assisted living home. I refuse on the basis i have dogs, and my dogs are more important to me than anything else. I also have concerns as this assisted living facility has been openly, and publicly accused of stealing money from residents who are on SSI or SSDI (i am on SSDI). This is also a home for adults who are physically and mentally incapable of living on their own, with illness such as Cerebral Palsy and other severely disabling ailments. Today, my uncle's dog killed two of our ducks. My family has decided that i must be defending my dogs (who were outside at the time of the incident, which took place in the house) Because i have stated i will not move into the facility because of my dogs, i fear they will use this as an excuse to remove my dogs from the equation. I've had my oldest dog since she was a puppy, I got her as a birthday present for myself, when i was 18. I have had her brother for only 2 years less. My rescue dog (who does have small animal aggression due to having once been feral) i have had for three years. I fear more for my dogs than myself, as my two oldest, the female has hip dysplasia, so even if she went to a shelter, given the policies here, she would be put down as unadoptable. The male has Lyme disease (and has since i got him) and at 8 years old, it takes a toll, so he too would likely be put down. My rescue would never be adopted. Shes a chow mix with a tendency to kill rabbits and chickens. I'm desperately seeking alternate housing, but rentals wont work (pet restrictions) and my income isnt high enough to buy a home.