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my nephew just had a baby and mother and baby tested postive for meth baby was put on feeding tube and couldnt regulate temp on his own and had really bad tremmors.... they tested the cord gave results to mother and she told my nephew the test was neg how is that possible when it was proven that she was a user



I think it would be a good idea for your nephew to speak with the doctor on his own and get the results of the tests directly from the doctor.

There is a chance that the poor baby’s wonderful meth mommy is trying to hide the truth.

I hope things work out for the baby and your family and that his mother begs that poor baby and your family for forgiveness everyday for the horrific thing she has knowingly exposed him to.

Hopefully one day they will make birth control injections mandatory for woman on methadone in order to prevent babies being exposed to this c**p that can potentially ruin their lives.