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Hi,i'm Demy and sorry about my English but I haven't learned the English language good yet. parents don't allow me to go out with friends without them of course.I'm 13 and ALL my classmates go out with their friends.I don't say that IF my classmates go out without their parents THEN I must go out without my parents too, I just want to do it !! I tell them to let me go out int he summer after the exams, but both my parents don't allow this,until the next's year summer !!!!Also when I don't have Enlish lesson I ask my parents to let me go to a friend's house but they say that I'm allowed to do that only 1 time a week. I can't stand it!!! If they don't let me go out with friends,they don't let me go to my friends' houses...then what should I do??!!!! Surfing the internet all day ??That's not good AND my parents tell me that I must surf the internet at least 2 hours a day!!!I'm not a bad child and I'm a very good student,but they don't let me do the stuff I want!!! They don't understand at all. What should I do??Please help me!!...and sorry for the large text that I wrote!!


hello I have the same problem I home schooled so be grateful you get to get out the house everyday to see friends and I don't get to go no where at all yea im may be grounded at th moment but before that I didn't go anywhere. And im use to only 3 people living in my house now I have my oldest  sister and her boyfriend then I have my second oldest sister living here with her girlfriend. And I have to clean after 8 animals and 9 chickens then on top of that 6 people and then me. I never get a brake I have been grounded since jan 1 because  of one of my friends. I would loved to be in your shoes no joke you have it way better then me. Just hole back for a lil bit and they will let you do alot more stuff once you have there trust.