My sister had her gall bladder removed and had to have a second surgery after a week to release contaminated fluid from the cavity. She is very week, tired and complained of lack of sleep from last Friday as her antibiotics were replaced for a stronger one. Today is exactly twenty five days after surgery and she still not feeling any improvement. The Doctor did not stitch or clamped the cut as he wants the inside of the cut to show sign of heeling and no more fluid to be drained. What diet will boost her energy and strength? Is the antibiotic to strong and the cause for not sleeping? Or she is suffering from depression from the severe pain and trauma her body went through? It was very sad to hear her screamed for pain as her cavity was filled with fluid and had to wait for five days to return to surgery. Please help me? I am very worried about health care in the third world.

I will be eagerly looking here for your comments.

Thanks very much,