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I am 6 weeks post op from a total vaginal hysterectomy and will be going in the next 1-2 weeks to have my gallbladder removed. I have gall stones and i am meeting with the surgeon tomorrow to set up surgery date. What limitations will there be after surgery? sex, lifting, foods?

I am really not ready for another surgery so soon, but I am in severe pain. I have had pain for over a week now and can not wait to get it removed.


Well, first of all keep a clean diet which is made of organic fruits, fats and green vegetables and fish. Keep your diet clean is one of the major things which will ensure quick recovery after the surgery. You should follow this plan for at least three months and afterwards you can slightly change things.

After the procedure your doctor will give you information about diet and lifestyle which are recommended after gallbladder removal. Generally you will have to rest for around five days and avoid lifting heavy objects or involving yourself in exercises (this means no sex as well for the first few days). Avoid taking very hard foods because you need to let your digestive tract to heal. And you will be experiencing some changes in toilet habits as part of the post-surgical effects. You should be fine after one week.