I have been on the plum side since my childhood. In school, my friends used to pull my leg for being obese. I used to feel bad. However, I got used to it.

In my college days I could never wear fashionable clothes as I felt embarrassed in such clothes. It was really frustrating for me.

Slowly and gradually, I continued to gain weight. My family member told me to lessen my food. I was ready to sacrifice my meal to shed the extra weight. I started starving at night and pray to God.

However, I got married at the age 25. My husband is a tall, handsome and a very fine person. I was very happy. We went to Hawaii Island for our honeymoon.

My husband is a really fun loving guy. He, one day, brought a bikini set for me. But I was not ready to wear it. I never liked to look odd in front of my husband at least. It was a very embarrassing situation for me.

I was really depressed. That day, at night, my husband told me about the HCG diet. I became ready.

I ordered 45 days HCG diet plan through internet. Back to my home, I stared the protocol. I strictly followed the guidelines and took the oral drops regularly. My husband supported me to the fullest.

Today, at the end of 45 days, I have weighed myself to be 37 pounds less that it was on the first day of diet. My husband gave me surprise gift. Would you like to know what it is? It is the Bikini pair which he gave me that day in my honeymoon.