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Howday guys,

Dr Siegal's cookie diet seems so unreal to me. Eat cookie and stay slim? Is this really the best and the easiest way to lose weight?

Any success with cookie diet? Can anyone tell me some experience, tips and things that I need to do to lose weight? Do I need to read his book?

I am positive about this diet, but I am skeptical as well. Do I need to be or should I try it?

I don't want to try it before I hear some nice experience about this diet.

Tell me more about this diet.



Good evening darling,

It is great to talk with somebody about this diet. I just love this diet. Of course, it was really difficult to start following it. I felt really weird. I just can’t explain that. But, I did not quit! In three weeks I have lost 12lbs. I think that is amazing. The cookies taste so delicious.

All you have to do is follow plan. Here it is:

  • In the morning, 8 am you have to eat 2 cookies,
  • 10 AM – one cookie
  • noon – just one,
  • 2 PM – one cookie,
  • at 4 PM you have to eat 2 cookies again,
  • dinner time (vegetables and some meet – up to 700 calories)
  • 10 PM – one cookie.

Try it!

You have all my support.



Good morning girls,

it is nice to hear that someone really had success with this diet. I am really glad for you. But still, I am skeptical about this diet. I mean, how eating cookies every day for two hours can be healthy?

My sister was following this diet and nothing happened! She has gained couple of pounds while she was following cookie diet.

I don’t like cookies at all, so this is not a diet for me. At all! But I am glad that cookie diet actually works for you.

What do you eat? Do you eat just cookies and dinner, or you have any meal between?

Keep in touch!