Hi all. My problem is this. I'm a 28 year old male. For months i have been feeling very nauseous for no reason. I also experience a tight feeling in my throat like I'm going to vomit however, I don't. I find it extremely difficult to eat. And this is not me. I love to eat and can eat alot. I'm not overweight. The only thing that subdues the feeling of nausea and lets me eat is by smoking a little bit of marijuana. I also have a smelly mucus discharge from my rectal area. I know I have a pilonidal cyst that fills up then pops leaking some p***y fluid. This is extremely painful. I also went to the doctor (when I pooped and there was a little blood in my stool). He gave me a rectal exam said there was no blood but a little mucus, and, he also stated that it felt like I had an internal hemroid. Could that explain the blood in the stool? He presrcribed me a generic acid reflux medicine because I suffer from this. However, I have not taken my pills for a couple days since the acid level has not been bad. Can anyone please help me out? Thanks in advance. KB