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Hi, can I ask a question for my husband please? He has prostatitis and is currently busy working through the treatment possibilities. Before we decide on the course of treatment, I would appreciate it if we had any information about potential natural cures at our disposal as well. Can you help perhaps?



What kind of prostatitis does your husband have? If it is bacterial, he will definitely need antibiotics. 

At the same time, there are natural prostatitis treatment options that can at least help supplement conventional treatment. They range from the simple to the more involved. For instance, keeping well hydrated is essential and you should advise your husband to drink half of his body weight in water. This will flush things through. It's also good to avoid junk foods and dairy. 

Then, there are herbs such as saw palmetto, echinacea, and bearberry that can also help cure prostatitis. But I suggest he sees a naturopathic doctor rather than experimenting with dosages himself.