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Hi guys,

I need one simple, but very effective blood type O meal plan? I need to know what I can eat for my breakfast, for lunch, and for dinner? Can I grab a snack? Do i really need to exercise to burn all my calories property? I cut out all junk food, all fast food, chocolate, bakery items. But, is that really enough to get rid of these unwanted pounds?

So, If you have any similar experience, feel free to tell me, please. Tomorrow I am going to consult with my doctor about my diet, so I will ask him about this blood type 0 meal plan.

Wish me luck! 



I have a simple menu plan for blood type O from my sister. She has followed that plan for years. She is thin, healthy, and happy. I hope you will find it useful.


1 egg, 2 slices of toast, glass of lemonade.


Grilled or boiled chicken or turkey, one slice of toast, small bowl of salad made with tomato.


Cucumber salad, lamb or boiled chicken.

If you want dessert, you can drink a glass of cherry juice. It is healthy. Also, for breakfast you can eat oatmeal.

And remember – seafood and meat such as chicken and turkey must be on your menu list.

Good luck