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im 13 years old 5/1 and 145 pounds and hate it in 2 weeks i am going to florida with my aunt she is extremly tiny and im jealoue she is 27 and 5/3 and her body weight is perfect and healthy i dont want to be standing on a beach feeling totally fat next to her please dont give me the whole its unhealty to lose weight fast but plz help me figure out how to loose 40 pouds or atleast 20 please


Do you even realize what are you asking? I weigh 90 pounds - its like if I would be somehow melted in half in two weeks if I were to lose 40 pounds. Even if you had liposuction they wouldn't take out more than few pounds of fat and only from one specific area, like your stomach or buttocks. Maybe you should consider planning a little bit more ahead? Because there just isn't anything - either fat or water in that amount that would magically disappear in two weeks. Just continue to be jealous and face the reality now. It might even push you towards healthier lifestyle where you actually could lose weight and you could become the one with perfect body.


Below are the 10 tips for easy weight loss:
• Find out how many calories you need
• Eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day
• Watch for Portion Size
• Do not Skip Meals
• Go for wholesome fresh foods
• Don't be overly-restrictive
• Understand Food Claims and Labels
• Watch for the sugary drinks
• Keep a food journal
• Exercise, period


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