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Could this be carpal tunnel ir something mire serious


Hello aaron,

Since you mentioned carpal tunnel syndrome, I'll assum your nerve twitching and muscle spasms are in your hand.  Your symptoms do sound like carpal tunnel syndrome.  I assume you're having some pain with that due to muscle spasms.  For now, if you can take an OTC painreliever, that should help you with your discomfort.  Try aspirin or even motrin or aleve.  The next step is to get a wrap for your wrist and hand.  These are available at your local pharmacy and work wonders and they wear well.  If you are uncertain as to the best one for you, talk with the pharmacist and they can direct you to the right wrap.  I have a whole set of wraps for feet, ankles, knees, wrists, elbows and midriff.  I'm constantly using them and can't live without them.