Hi. Am 47 years old. I have night sweats that wakes me up all soaked almost every night. I still get my period regularly, I dont know if it is PMS or pre-menopause, I hope someone with same experience shares some helpfull information with me. I did blood work, thyroids and hormones are good, I do get hot flashes sometimes, but I do get very sencitive and start crying for no reason. I was on zoloft for 5 months, it did help little. I get cramps not only on my stomach but also on my legs, I also get bloatted and eat more than ussual, I get very mean to my husband, I snap for no reason. Recently I started to forget little things like, where I left my keeys, appointments and ect. What should I do to stop the night swet and the mood swings, please help!!!!! %-)