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I am so glad that I found all these statements about night terrors after tonsil/adenoid surgery. I thought I was loosing my mind. We are on day 6 after surgery and my son is 7 years old and had sleep apnea. We had the surgery done to help him sleep and now since the surgery I have had even less sleep. How long did the terrors last for you?


Hi there,

Sleep apnea is nothing strange after the surgery. This is very common in many young children that go through tonsil surgery. 6th day is still early part of the healing process. You have to understand that process can take up to four weeks. Is he having any bleedings from the wounds? Is he in much pain? Is he using any pain medication? You should try to give him water as much as he can take because it will help with the healing process.

There are some methods that people use for their children, like leaving socks on their feet or sticking their feet in the water. This is not something that has been proven, but you can give it a try.