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My boyfriend and I had sex and he did not finish. But he did "precum", and there was still precum in the condom. He checked the condoms for leaks in which case there weren't any. He washed his hands with soap and water and dried them throughly, then a little later in the nigh his hands came in contact with my vagina. Can I get pregnant from any possible precum on his hands at this point?


I'd suggest you take a look at my reply to Trevorm20, same time as your post. Basically, it would be pretty miraculous at that point to consider that a risk - from his hands, specifically. From the condom, internal vaginal orgasm (precum is not entirely guaranteed to be without sperm), however, there is the normal risk associated with condoms: they are not perfect and there is always a risk, statistics no doubt available via Google, with every type of protection.

I appreciate the concern, and it's a sensible question, but at the end of the day sex and babies do go together. Whatever happens this time, (and the risk appears to be minimal to non-existent), all it takes is one sperm, in normal vaginal intercourse, and one cell. Not so much something to be concerned about, as simply to factor in: life needs babies, and if you give it a chance, it will take it, regardless of your preference or convenience.

On this particular occasion however, I'd have to say it's low to minimal risk.