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Over the last two years I have been experiencing symptoms that I first thought might be just arthritis but I think is more. I did go to the dr and was sent for xrays my thumb area in my hand was blue was dropping things and it was painful. I was given a shot of cortisone and sent on my way. I will never do that again it seemed to help only about two weeks. I go monthly for massages(including hands) and that has help more. I now
have joint pain on inside of knees and elbows, sometimes can't stand to lay on my side because of my hip area on both sides feels very uncomfortable. I get a general feeling in my muscles like I over-excersized but have not. My most current on-going problem is dry eyes. I have never had problems with my eyes and wearing contacts but mostly wear glasses now. I have had 3 eye infections in the last 1 1/2 yrs due to the dry eyes. I feel cold all the time and I live in a climate that gets to over 100 and I can be cold in the house with the air conditioning on. My husband is sweating and I'm cold. Unless it is in t he 80's I have a sweater on. I recently started feeling a itchy type burning on my arms which will cause me to scratch. This seems more at night but there is no rash or redness. I also get this numb feeling on the nail area of my fingers. I get episodes where I wake up about 2AM or 3AM and can't go back to sleep. I also get very low energy,tired and not really down but
very sad and don't really feel motiovated to do anything. It seems to get worse around my period and if there is a major front coming through.
I'm 48 and I always thought that some might be peri-menopausal but I'm beginning t o doubt this.

Any advise would be helpful.


Has anyone ever suggested Sjogren's Syndrome to you? I have almost all of the symptoms you described, dry eyes, arthritis like pain in my knees and elbows, feeling cold, over-excercised feeling in my muscles, very low energy and motivation even feelings of depression .... these are all symptoms of Sjogren's. I thought I had Multiple Sclerosis before knowing my diagnosis of Sjogren's. Sometimes blood tests can diagnose definitively but you may still have it even if the blood test is not positive. Sjogren's is an auto-immune disease and is treated by a rhuematologist. It is not curable but medication and diet can help. This article also describes the many differing symptoms of Sjogren's
There is also a web site with information at Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation
I know it has been a year since your original post but maybe this information could be helpful to someone else out there.
Hope you have been able to find some help.