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I am a 15 year old type 1 diabetic girl who is in ninth grade and I have had type 1 since I was little.  I am used to having hypos once in a while with my insulin therapy and all, and my mom would always know what to do when that would happen.

Well at school one day I was out playing soccer on the field and I was running to catch up with the ball when I totally started having sharp abdominal pains.  The pains were so bad, it took my breath away and I fell to the ground crying really hard.  The school nurse looked at me and had me lie down for a while in her office.  She gave me some tylenol and let me rest a while.  She finally let me go back to class. 

So I am wondering if I had a severe hypo out there on the field or what.  I never felt so bad in my life.  Would anyone have any idea about it?  If you have type 1, have you had a hypo that ever did that?


I would be concerned of whether you have some other type of issues going on.  Did you have pain in your lower abdomen or more of the upper part?  If it was lower and to the right, it could have been appendicitis, and this will not go away.  If you are able to, press in on your lower right quadrant of your belly and let go quickly.  If you have any pain doing that, get to the doctor right away.  Waiting for another appendicitis attack could be potentially dangerous as it could be infected and burst, spreading infection inside your body. 


If you don’t have any more pain from that area, you should still see the doctor if it happens again.  If you haven’t had a gynecological exam recently, you should have one.  Preventative medicine is as important, if not more, as treatment.