I just turned 45 and had the Novasure procedure about 10 years ago. I had the procedure because i was using the pill to skip periods. My significant other at the time had a vasectomy so there really wasn't a need to be on the pill. My dr recommended Novasure so i could stop all my periods. I didn't have a real medical reason. I have not had a period since. My concern now is becoming pregnant. I'm seeing someone else and concerned that maybe I should be using contraceptives. So I thought if I'm in menopause id be safe. After reading the symptoms tho I don't think I am. I've also read Novasure is not a form of birth control so I think I could become pregnant. I'm fine with going back on the pill but I want to be sure it won't reverse the benefit of the Novasure procedure. I've enjoyed the last 10 years without periods. Anyone else here using the pill after Novasure?