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I had this procedure yesterday and it was very painful. I had extremely painfulcramps for 4 hours after procedure. I am bleeding heavily. gone through a bag of sanitary napkins and soaking though my clothes. Has anyone experience this and should I go to the emergency room?


I having the procedure in Feb.2008.

I'm reading up on everything I can about this procedure, I'm listening to a talk show on line while at work.
Dr. Lucas and Andrew Schorr- Health 6/2007 (I noticed the date.)

I'm also reading and printing -Writer Corner:
I'm checking Google which has more the health website for topic that stand out for me.

I don't have any medical problems all test are great! I JUST WON'T STOP BLEEDING EVERY 9 DAYS. The cramping never stops and I'm tried. Then I'll start again and go another 7-9 days over and over.
I'm 43 I have a 3 year old little girl and I'm not having anymore.

Time is getting close and, I'm starting to get cold feet after reading reviews only from this website. Is there any good news about it.

I'll check in on Monday for feed back.
Thank you in advance..

Northern California