just a thought:

this has come and gone with me, usually after lots of partying and loss of sleep. when it's bad, antibiotics and ibuprofin have worked pretty well on the pain and the swelling.

one thing I noticed a few years back. went to the dentist w/a toothache that had become a neck/jaw ache as well. was given antibiotics and told to come back get a root canal. well, the pain went away and I started taking B complex, colostrum, green vibrance and improving oral hygiene by using lysterine 2+x/day, flossing more etc. and guess what.

no root canal yet, the pain comes back now and then as a slight twinge in my tooth, then I take the B complex and it goes away, and I still have my live tooth not sensitive at all.

I have a suspicion that there may be connections here, so just offering 2 cents and some experiences.

good luck all