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My husband and i are trying to get pregnant and i have tried calculating my ovulation days and my lutel phase. We have tried to conceive based on the first day of my period BUT no luck. I would like to know if I am calculating this right. I bleed and cramp so badly on the fith day of my period not the 1st or this normal?? Does this have anything to do with ovulation?? My cycle is excatly 31 days so what is my luteal phase. PLEASE HELP! :-(


I feel sorry!! but wishing you all the best in looking for the joint love of your relation.
Dont be dissapointed coz everything is possible. to be pregnant is not something as easy as been difined by majority, though it always easy for those who do not neet it.
a couple can take up to a year of almost every day sexing.
sometimes I just come to say its God who decides.
keep on trying, one day will be ok
on the otherway try to visit it can help you!!
for how long then, you are together consecutive?
I am a doctor by proffesional feel free to ask anything I will not just tell you, but open you, the reality of your situation.


"estimating" the dates of your ovulation based on average ovulation dates can sometimes proove unhelpful, as every womans body is different.

Pregnancy doesnt always come easy, most couples will fall pregnant within a year of having unprotected sex, so keep trying!

If you feel that nothing is happening, you can always book an appointment with a doctor to begin monitoring fertility medically, using a basal body temperature reading (BBT) as the temperature will rise by about a degree during ovulation, or monitoring cervical mucus etc.

most doctors advise a couple to go and have a full checkup before attempting to get pregnant, to establish any underlying medical problems.

and I wish you all the best in the future and a happy parenthood if all goes well!


the above advice is good and I'd like to add that a good bokk to read is "Taking Charge Of Your Fertility". Excellent book that every menstruating woman should read. :-)

Another thing, it all depends on your age. If you are under the age of 30, the doctors will tell you to try for a whole year before they'll do any fertility work-up. But if you are 30+ and the doctor says try for one year, insist on the basic tests (blood tests for you a sperm analysis for him. Make sure your blood tests are done on Day 3 for FSH, estrogen and LH and Day 25 for progesterone)
I strongly recommend taking your basal temperature (the book I mentioned will give clear info on this).
You say your cycles are 31 days. Try having intercourse every two days, starting on day 16 until day 22. The other thing you can monitor is your cervical fluid (discharge). If it's slippery, like mucous, it's fertile and you need to take advantage. As soon as it turns thick, sticky, this is after ovulation and start counting the days. The luteal phase should be longer than 10 days.

I want to make sure you are counting your first cycle day correctly. Is your Day 1 a real flow or just spotting? The cramps and bleeding on the 5th day, does this go on for a few days as if the 5th is more like a real Day 1? Sometimes I get a period where it'll be normal for 2-3 days then one day nothing and then the next is like a new little period with cramps and fresh flow but this ends in a day too. weird but normal for me. Spotting beofre a real flow may indicate a luteal phase defect (meaning too short and if this is your problem, it's easy to fix) Taking your temps will help determine this. Keep your charts to show your doctor.

Wishing you all the luck. We had to wait 4 years to conceive our little miracle so I know how hard it can be.
You can also try using LH sticks (AKA: ovulation predictor sticks or OPK) I found some cheap ones on

Hope this helps


Thanks so much fro the advice it really means a lot to me to know that there are other women out there who are or have gone through the same experinces I am. Lavagirl you asked if my period was spotty at the begining. No, it is a normal period..although around the 5th day the cramps and blood tend to be horrible. The blood is very red and heavy. This does not happen every month just every other month. So I dont know...I visited fertility friend and it says I am most fertile between the 22-27 of each we are going to give it a shot. We have tried during these dates for the past 4 months and no luck :-( Pray for us!!!!! ;-)