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hey , ive relapesed and have been using oxy again for about 6 months now, i decided im ready to stop and a freind gave e 70 mg of his liquid take home methadone to deal with day one which is today, and i have abut 20 suboxone left over which i will taper down with, my question is hoiw long sould i wait to take the subox if i have taken a single dose of methadone at 70mg.i'm getting scared reading everyone's posts about how they waited two days and they got sicker with the sub, what am i suppose to do for 3 days while i wait for the meth to get out my sstem i would of neevr taken it knowing it ould be this hard...should i just use oxy form 3 days and wait 24 hrs and stat sub ??? any advise would be appreciated...thank you


The effects of methadone will remain in your system for 72 hours. So it lasts about 3 days, sometimes 4, depending on your metabolism.