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I am a heroin addict and have been on a Methadone maintenance program for the past 8 years. I live in a small regional town with approx a dozen people on the program. Only recently have I begun to talk with some of the other patients on the program and I am shocked to discover that most of them have NEVER used Heroin and were put on this program because on Oxycontin use! Some of them may have never even "had a shot"! I am flabbergasted at this! I see methadone as an absolute last resort... right before jail and/death. Why do the medical profession think that this treatment is the right one for them?
Does anyone agree with me? Please if anyone has a reply I would really appreciate some feedback. 8-|


i was put o methadone to get off oxys nd let me tell u I was just short of jail or death, no i didnt shoot but I sniffed and its just the same. methadone saved my life and I will always be grateful that us pill heads  have have that option!