I have this apin in my left tesitcle it felt like if some one kicked me in it really hard or something the pain is also 3-4inch belive my belly button and well it spread out about 3 to 4 inche there 2

i am not sure if tis cancer can some tellme if masterbating 2 much can giv u cancer also my tecticle feels smooth 2 me both seem smooth and thy look roughly the same size for both testicle

i am not sure it could be whn me and my g/f where making out tht she was pressing her thigh on me and now it hurting it started 2 her by her 2

but i got this pain before i remmber couple time whn she gave me oral sex like after about 1 or so it started 2 hurt not sure if my left testicle did but the other place did(the same place i described above) but thn again i remmber i waskinda in a crapped postion whn she did it